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Male escort story

The goal of this new section is to normalize fat sex, love, dating, and everything in between.

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Well, it all started when I was visiting my current town from Hawaii.

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Ever wondered what the life of a male escort is really like, and what their day to day business entails?

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Keep reading. Wondering what that actually entails?

Otherwise known as a male prostitute, gigolo or rent boy, escorts, generally speaking, charge more for their means. Here, one professional tells all about how he got into his line of work, why customers come to him and how much, as a male escort, he earns per hour. NB here: this piece was written pre- coronavirus and so does not take into consideration social distancing or bubble rules. A successful one, too, given the rapport we struck up and the hours I spent in her room later that evening.

We talked about her past relationships and upcoming promotion at work while I explored every inch of her body.

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But for me, this was a regular midweek night at work. Not in the bedroom, but over drinks or dinner. One year-old — a very pretty woman who holds a senior position in marketing at a media company — contacted me saying that she wanted to get back at her cheating husband.

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Yet when we met, she spent the hours she was paying for pouring out all her fears and distress about her disintegrating marriage. I want them to cast aside any stress for the few hours they spend with me.

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Some of them are tugging at my boxers, begging to give me a blow job. Of course, everyone is different. Demand got so high that I made it one of my specialist services.

The money is good, but being honest, the real pleasure comes from the transformative side of what I do. Still, she struggled to establish intimate relationships. I had one client who got her kicks from sex in public — we had one session under a tree in a London park, and another in a nightclub. She contacted me because she liked the spiritual, sensual vibe of my website.

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Before we met, we talked for an hour on the phone about everything from Buddhism to meditation. For our first meeting, we just had drinks. For our second, we went back to her apartment and had sex for hours, focusing on tuning into our sexual energy. I saw one married client in her thirties several times while she was preparing to get divorced.

I provided an environment where she could de-stress. Surprisingly, though, my background is actually very traditional. I was raised in a strict, church-going family and for years I led a pretty conventional life. Then, I used my creative flair to set up a of successful small businesses. Whether married or single, their interactions with men often leave them wanting more.

They feel overlooked, not fully appreciated. I think many women feel casual sex apps are geared towards quick liaisons for men, rather than satisfying the needs of women. Drunk clients can be a problem, too. Although, on a couple of occasions, I have felt that I might struggle to perform at all. The solution to that dilemma is to gently suggest another escort might have a better rapport. Wondering how many women I see a week?

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