Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 September 


This is the full list of hockey games in Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle held on the weekend of Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 September. List is correct at the time of publication however is subject to last minute changes due to operational reasons. List compiled from officially publicly accessible information. This page does not include development, hockey schools, scrimmages, drop-in sessions, skate schools or public sessions.


All games are free to watch with the exception of Australian Ice  Hockey League (AIHL) games and other games/events as noted. Doors open for AIHL games 30 minutes before listed start times.



  • AIHL Finals in Melbourne on Saturday and Sunday. No teams from Sydney or Newcastle are involved. 
  • Seniors games (IHNSW, Divisions 1 – 4) are Semi Finals games. 




Sunday 7.30am Atoms (IHNSW) Flyers Bears
Sunday 8.45am Atoms (IHNSW) Eagles Saints
Sunday 5.45pm Seniors Div 2 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Cubes Falcons
Sunday 7.15pm Seniors Div 1 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Bucs Saints











Saturday 5pm Bantams (IHNSW) Newcastle Northstars Bears
Saturday 6.15pm Midgets (IHNSW) Newcastle Northstars Canterbury
Saturday 8.45pm In House  (NIHL) In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL)
Sunday 2.45pm Peewees (IHNSW) Newcastle Northstars Bears
Sunday 4pm Bantams (IHNSW) Newcastle Northstars Flyers
Sunday 5.15pm Womens (IHNSW) Newcastle Northstars Bears
Sunday 6.30pm Seniors Div 1 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Newcastle Northstars Kings
Sunday 7.45pm In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL)
Sunday 9pm In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL)
Sunday 10.15pm In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL) In House (NIHL)








Sunday 4.45pm Midgets (IHNSW) Saints Flyers
Sunday 6.15pm Seniors Div 4 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Saints (Blue) Phantoms





Sunday 4.30pm Seniors Div 4 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Kodiaks Grizzlies
Sunday 6pm Seniors Div 3  – Semi Final (IHNSW) Kodiaks Saints (White)
Sunday 7.30pm In House (Patriots) Patriots Patriots
Sunday 8.45pm In House (Patriots) Patriots Patriots





Saturday 7pm ECSL Bombers Rebels
Saturday 8.45pm ECSL Raptors Sting
Sunday 5pm ECSL Raptors Bombers
Sunday 6.45pm ECSL Sting Rebels




Saturday 5.15pm Atoms (IHNSW) Emperors Blackhawks
Saturday 6.30pm Peewees (IHNSW) Emperors Flyers
Sunday 8.45am Bantams (IHNSW) Bears Emperors
Sunday 10am Midgets (IHNSW) Bears Emperors
Sunday 3.30pm In House  (SIHL Div 3) SIHL Div 3 SIHL Div 3
Sunday 4.30pm In House  (SIHL Div 3) SIHL Div 3 SIHL Div 3
Sunday 6pm Seniors Div 2 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Emperors Saints
Sunday 7.30pm Seniors Div 3 – Semi Final (IHNSW) Emperors Phantoms


Competitions Notes:

  • AIHL – Australian Ice Hockey League ($$ – entry fee applies)
  • ECSL – East Coast Super League
  • IHNSW – Ice Hockey NSW
  • NIHL – Newcastle In House League
  • SIHL – Sydney In House League


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