Harbour City Hockey aims to promote & celebrate inline ice hockey in Sydney, Australia. Initially concentrating on ice hockey since being launched at the start of 2017, the site has been expanded to feature inline hockey in a new section of the website. There is a significant crossover between the two sports, playing groups, communities and fans.


An ongoing work in progress, the site aims to educate and inform people with a range of experience as a hockey fan, player or official. For the first time, information will be together in the one location without needing to rely on different websites or social media networks for information. This site features separate sections for fans, players and people who want to learn more about hockey.


Inline hockey can be year around in Australia with winter competitions (generally March – September) and summer competitions (generally October – March). It is common for some elite players to alternate between ice and inline hockey. Some players play ice hockey in winter and inline hockey in summer.




DISCLAIMER: Harbour City Hockey and this website are not endorsed by any governing body, league, team, business or facility. All information is correct at the time of publication but is subject to change at short notice for various reasons which may be beyond the control of Harbour City Hockey. All information has been researched and collated from publicly available information from various sources. Non Australian photos on this site are licenced under Creative Commons unless stated and may be sourced from outside of Australia. Australian photos by Eric Brook unless stated. Various logos are used for promotional purposes. Officials signals graphics used for educational purposes.





For new inline hockey fans & players (including the site’s creator, Eric Brook!), there is a lot of information to learn. There is a lot of information available however these are not always easy to find or relevant for Australians. Harbour City Hockey will give new fans and players reliable information in the one place. [Read More]














Skating ability is paramount to become a good hockey player. It is possible to practice skating with hockey civilians with a range of times across Sydney. General Skating Sessions are a great place to practice skating. Session times for General Sessions, Skate Schools & Hockey Schools can vary depending on if it is School Term or School Holidays. There are also various Learn To Skate classes and Skate Fit classes. 









[General Sessions – NSW School Holidays]








If you want to play inline hockey indoors in an arena, there is one place in Sydney to go to – Max Arena. Find information about everything inline hockey indoors in this section. More information to be added soon about playing inline hockey outside. [Read More]
















The geographically large Sydney Metropolitan area features a small number of arenas. Max Arena is the only inline hockey venue. Other venues (Penrith & Oak Flats) are only suitable for inline players to use for skating practice.  [Read More]











All indoor inline hockey games in Sydney are played at Max Arena. In addition, tournaments featuring local players are also played interstate and overseas. [Read More]












Coming soon.


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Page last updated 24 September 2017. Website updated several times a week.