There are several leagues that run in Sydney in various levels of play. They can be broadly categorised as Developmental, In-house, Club, State & National levels. An overview of each league will feature for the benefit of players and fans. There are also short tournaments which could feature players from various levels over a shorter period such as a weekend.



  • Friday Night Hockey – Based at Ice Zoo. Regular competitions. New season commences Friday 27 January. Prior registration required – registration now open.[Read More]
  • Sydney Ice Hockey League (SIHL) – Based at Sydney Ice Arena. Summer & Winter competitions. [Read More]
  • Newcastle In-house Hockey League (NIHL) – Based at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium. Summer, Autumn and Winter Competitions. [Read More]




  • Information about various tournaments featuring players from Sydney & NSW that are usually weekend based events with several games. May consist of players of various ages & playing levels. [Read More]



  • Ice Hockey NSW (IHNSW) runs a winter competition for various ages and skills levels across Sydney. Club level players may progress to higher levels throughout their career. [Read More]



  • East Coast Super League (ECSL) – IHNSW runs the ECSL winter competition featuring Sydney teams and Newcastle North Stars. Games are played at various rinks in Sydney and Hunter Ice Skating Stadium. Players can move up and down from ECSL to club hockey and AIHL as required subject to conditions depending on player’s age. [Read More]
  • National Championships – IHA & the various state organisations organise a series of age based tournaments across Australia each year where the states compete against each other. More information coming soon.



  • Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) – AIHL is the elite level of ice hockey in Australia. Featuring 2 teams from Sydney & Melbourne and single teams from Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide & Perth in a 28 game season. Season runs from April – August. AIHL is administered by the AIHL Commission in conjunction with Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) and state associations (IHNSW in NSW). [Read More]
  • Australian Junior Ice Hockey League (AJIHL) – AJIHL runs during the Australian summer (usually December – March) to allow younger AIHL players and prospects to gain more experience. AJIHL has just expanded with teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth. AJIHL is run by IHA in conjunction with state associations. [Read More]
  • Australian Womens Ice Hockey League (AWIHL) – AWIHL is a summer competition (November – February) with a 4 team competition. Teams are based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide. AWIHL is run by IHA in conjunction with state associations. [Read More]
  • Australian National Teams play in various age divisions against other countries in mens & womens categories. National teams run by IHA under International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) rules & structure. [Read More]
  • Services Hockey – Emergency Services and the Australian Defence Force have various hockey teams that play matches domestically in Australia and overseas. These teams are specifically for members of the relevant service. More information coming soon.



Page last updated 24 January 2017.