For many new ice hockey fans, the game is not one that they were brought up with or understand at first glance. Some people are lucky enough to have an experienced hockey fan to explain the game to them. In many cases, word of mouth or being invited to a game leads to a near instant addiction and a desire to learn more about the game. Some people even decide that they want to learn how to skate and play the game themselves.




What is going on during the game? As a new fan, where do you look? How does that really padded guy even see the black rubber thing that is flying really fast at his head? This section will give you a basic guide to the game of hockey to help you understand what is going on. [Read More]










Learning how to skate on ice is an essential skill before learning how to play hockey – don’t expect to see a puck for some time! Rinks in Sydney offer How To Skate Classes (also known as Skate School) at various times during the week. Most rinks align their Skate Schools with the regular NSW school terms as most of their students are children. Skate School classes usually feature additional practice time immediately after the class. Some rinks also offer discounts on General Sessions to their Skate School Students. You will have to show some skating ability before moving on to learn how to play hockey. [Read More]








Once you have developed your skating skills, you may be ready to pick up a stick and practice your skills. Rinks offer development sessions or leagues (also known as Hockey School) to allow you to develop your skill in situations that you will use during a game of hockey. Entry requirements vary. After you develop your skills, you may decide to join a team! [Read More]










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