In Australia, there are two categories of TV. Free To Air TV (ABC, SBS, Channels 7, 9 & 10 plus supplementary channels, collectively marketed as Freeview) are available to all Australians without charge. These networks do not feature any hockey coverage. Pay TV (also known as Subscription TV) has limited hockey coverage with Fox Sports no longer showing NHL games. An AIHL game of the week is shown on Fox Sports during the AIHL season on Thursday afternoons (subject to change). Most AIHL games are either livestreamed (video or audio only) by the host team only. 


AIHL Live Stream information for non Fox Sport games:



Australian fans wishing to watch a lot of NHL games are strongly advised to purchase NHL TV. NHL TV is available on a variety of devices and consoles. There are no blackouts of any games shown on TV on NHL TV. Games can be watched live or archived. NHL TV is a paid service which can be paid for monthly or yearly.  Every regular season game and every post season game for all teams is available. Limited pre-season games are available. 


Video coverage of NHL games is produced by the American or Canadian TV networks. With the possible exception of not being able to see ads and some non game action (previews, reports), the coverage via NHL TV is the same as if you were watching the games on TV in North America. With the exception of nationally televised games, there are feeds available by the home and away telecasters. Montreal Canadiens games are also available in French. Audio coverage is provided by American or Canadian radio networks. Listening to the games from Australia is exactly the game as listening to games in North America. Feeds available by the home and away broadcasters.


There is one organised group in Sydney which watches NHL games during the season (October – May) on a delayed basis on a Thursday night, fortnightly. If you know of another group who watches NHL games together, please email information to erktothepenaltybox at



In Sydney, Hockey Night In Sydney meets during the NHL season to watch games together in a group environment at a central location. These games & meetings are usually fortnightly on a Thursday hotel at The New Hampton Hotel, Kings Cross. Harbour City Hockey is not linked to Hockey Night in Sydney – information below is for benefit of fans who do not use social media & is subject to change. [Facebook Page]  [Facebook Group]



Occasionally, other hockey competitions and/or games feature on ESPN or Eurosport channels.