These books are recommended & enjoyed by Harbour City Hockey creator Eric Brook. More books will be added to the list once read. There are many books written about the sport and the players who played the game, especially in North America.



Reality Check: Travels In The Australian Ice Hockey League

by Will Brodie (2015)


Reality Check follows the story of the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) in 2014. Journalist Will Brodie travelled the length & breadth of the AIHL landscape at home & away, travelling with the Melbourne Ice & Melbourne Ice teams. While the Mustangs won the Goodall Cup in 2014, this book features observations and interviews with many people within the AIHL community covering all of the 8 teams. Harbour City Hockey creator Eric Brook first met Will Brodie at the 2014 AIHL Finals series in Melbourne as they were sitting in the same row before returning to Melbourne for the book’s launch before the 2015 season. As the title suggests, it is a reality check about the Australian league compared to overseas leagues including stories about imports who arrive and never leave.


What The Ice – Road To 3peat DVD is for a visual record of AIHL life, Reality Check is the ultimate behind the scenes look of the AIHL in written form. It is also interesting to compare the 2012 season as seen on film compared to the 2014 season on paper. [Amazon]  [Website]









Take Your Eye Off The Puck: How To Watch Hockey By Knowing Where To Look

by Greg Wyshynski (2015)


This book is a perfect book for a new hockey fan wanting to know more about the game of hockey. As any new fan will attest, it can be difficult to decide where to focus to watch and understand the game. Creator of the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo Sports and half of the Marek v Wyshynski & Puck Soup podcasts, this book is a little more serious than the podcasts might suggest. More experienced fans may decide to read other books while new fans might decide to read the book more than once. An excellent gift for someone totally new to the sport who doesn’t mind a bit of reading. [Amazon] [Website]











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