Is the number 69 available and if so, is it hilarious? Do you believe in miracles? Will performing a Flying Vee win the game? Why are the New York Rangers playing outdoor hockey in Alaska? If you have seen some hockey movies, these are quotes that make perfect sense. If not, get ready to sit in front of your TV and watch some hockey movies & interesting documentaries.


Goon (2011)


Goon follows the hockey career of Doug Glatt. Struggling for direction in life, he has fighting fists & is not afraid to use them. Watching a local hockey game, a fight occurs in the stands in which Doug stars. He attracts the attention of the coach who wants him on the team to be an enforcer. He goes from not being able to skate to getting a promotion and heading towards the big league. Doug is constantly reminded that he is a goon (hockey slang for a person whose main/only job is to fight and protect his team mates).


A classic hockey movie loved by hockey players. May not be suitable for a hockey civilian’s first hockey movie. Goon 2 is coming soon!




Slapshot (1977), Slapshot 2 (2002),  Slapshot 3 (2008)


Another movie loved by hockey players but probably not for your hockey civilian’s first hockey movie is Slapshot and the two sequels. Set in the 1970s, hockey in Slapshot is similar to the style of hockey seen in Goon and is a stark contrast to the modern game. The humour & comedy is very much 1970s humour.


A team who is battling to stay out of the red (and out of the penalty box) finds themselves winning, mainly due to fighting. Slapshot 2 is also worth the view while Slapshot 3 might be the Slapshot version of the Mighty Ducks movies.




Miracle (2004)


A classic hockey movie based on true events is Miracle. It is a Disney movie but don’t judge the movie based on that fact alone – it does not follow the usual Disney formula. It is certainly no comedy like Goon or the Slapshot movies.


Miracle is based on the so called Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics. In the middle of the Cold War between America and the then Soviet Union, the Russians were a hockey powerhouse. Meanwhile, the Americans chose a team of college students rather than hockey machines. After lots of training …. spoiler alert … the Americans defeated the Russians which was unheard of at the time.




Mystery, Alaska (1999)

Mystery, Alaska is a hockey movie starring a Kiwi actor which Australians often claim as their own, Russell Crowe. The spectacular setting of Alaska is a major star of this movie where the men of the small town love playing pond hockey. Somehow, the Mystery men get to challenge the New York Rangers to a game of outdoor hockey in Alaska. A great advertisement for pond & outdoor hockey.







Breakaway (2011)

Based in hockey mad Toronto, Indian Rajvinder Singh wants to play hockey just like many other Canadians do. His traditional father, naturally, is against the idea. His father would rather see him working in the family business.  It is an under-rated hockey movie combining Canadian, Indian and hockey cultures into one neat movie which is very suitable as a movie for a hockey civilian or a date movie.


Related: There are no ice rinks in India. Some players play on frozen lakes and ponds in winter using borrowed and very second-hand equipment. Despite having no ice rinks in the entire country, India does have a national hockey team. 





The Mighty Ducks (1992), D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994), D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)

For many current players and younger hockey fans, the Mighty Ducks series was their first exposure to hockey. Interestingly, the Anaheim Ducks were named after the movie when they entered the NHL because Disney owned the team originally. Some hockey fans refuse to support or respect the NHL Ducks because of these movies.


A lawyer on community service develops a group of kids into a winning hockey team in various situations across 3 movies. With 3 movies in 4 years with many of the same cast members, audiences can follow the team as they grow up and progress through the hockey ranks. The ultimate first movie for the hockey civilian, the movies follow the Disney formula perfectly. 




This section features hockey documentaries that may be of interest, especially to newer fans.




The Ice – Road To 3peat (2012)

3peat is a term that newer hockey fans in Australia may not be familiar with if they don’t watch American sports. It means to win 3 competitions in a row. Melbourne Ice won the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) [More Info] in 2010 & 2011, looking for the 3peat in 2012. A camera followed the team across Australia during the season, giving a warts & all look into Australian elite level ice hockey at the time. The AIHL competition and community continues to grow & improve every year.


Spoiler Alert: Ice won the Goodall Cup in 2012 but have been unable to win it since this documentary was filmed. Sydney Ice Dogs (2013), Melbourne Mustangs (2014) & Newcastle North Stars (2015 & 2016) are recent Australian champions. DVD only, there are extensive previews on the website. Highly recommended with an extremely high level of behind the scenes access usually only available to teams & their staff. DVD has also been used as motivation by other teams.  [Website]


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