Harbour City Hockey aims to promote & celebrate ice hockey in Sydney, Australia. An ongoing work in progress, the site aims to educate and inform people with a range of experience as a hockey fan, player or official. For the first time, information will be together in the one location without needing to rely on different websites or social media networks for information. This site features separate sections for fans, players and people who want to learn more about hockey.


Hockey can be year around in Australia with winter competitions (generally March – September) and summer competitions (generally October – March). This is the North American & European off-season which can lead players to travel down under to play and maintain fitness. In addition, Australian hockey fans can see NHL games live via streaming services between October – June.




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For new hockey fans and new hockey players, there is a lot of information to learn. There is a lot of information available however these are not always easy to find or relevant for Australians. Harbour City Hockey will give new fans and players reliable information in the one place. [Read More]













The geographically large Sydney Metropolitan area features 6 ice rinks of varying standards and facilities. In addition, Sydney based players may also play in the Central Coast and Hunter regions to the north of Sydney. Central Coast & Hunter based players often play in Sydney. All Sydney rinks are profiled along with the Central Coast & Hunter rinks. [Read More]










There are several levels of leagues and tournaments in Sydney & Newcastle. These range from beginners and children through to elite athletes playing in a national and international competition suitable for fans to watch live. National & state level games are more spectator friendly. There are also several options for Australians to watch local and overseas hockey from the comfort of home. [Read More]








There are a range of resources for you to either read or listen to which will increase your knowledge & enjoyment of hockey. There are also times where you want to stay in touch but can’t watch a game or a highlights package but can listen to it. The penalty box, however, probably isn’t the best place for to listen to or read about the game!



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