This a short summary of some of the key differences between ice & inline hockey.


Ice Surface Various hard surface types
3 (Attacking Zone, Neutral Zone, Defensive Zone) Number of zones 2 (Attacking Zone, Defensive Zone)
Goaltender Goalie name Goalkeeper
5 skaters & 1 goaltender (or 6 skaters) Maximum Players 4 skaters & 1 goalkeeper (or 5 skaters)
3 skaters & 1 goaltender Minimum Players 3 skaters & 1 goalkeeper
3 Number of Periods 4
20 minutes (varies) Period Length 12 minutes
2 minutes Minor Penalty Length 90 seconds (see note below)
5 minutes Major Penalty Length 4 minutes
2 referees, 2 linesmen Maximum Number of Officials 2 referees
Attacking blue line Offside line Centre red line
Puck must enter attacking zone before any attacking player Offside summary Attacking players can be in attacking zone before the puck however must not play the puck until the puck is in the attacking zone
Defensive zone only Hand Pass allowed? Defensive zone only
Allowed unless the puck is kicked directly into the goal. Kicking the puck Allowed unless the puck is kicked directly into the goal.
Called “Icing” Clearing the puck from defensive zone to beyond attacking goal line Called “Illegal Clearing”




  • Inline: If a player is already in the penalty box serving a minor penalty and another player is given a minor penalty, the second player is also sent to the penalty box. The second player can be replaced until the first player’s penalty expires. The second player’s penalty time starts when the first player’s penalty time expires.